Vehicle Window Centre Sherburn in Elmet: Crafting Excellence for Over Three Decades

Nestled in a developing town close to Leeds, lies a testament to British craftsmanship and industry – the Vehicle Window Centre (VWC) in Sherburn in Elmet. With a rich history spanning over 35 years, VWC has become synonymous with exceptional quality windows, doors, and lockers for a variety of flat-sided vehicles.

We are celebrating the company’s historic commitment to customer satisfaction and its innovative services that have solidified its reputation in the UK, Europe and afar.

A Legacy Crafted With Precision

The story of VWC begins with a vision to produce superior vehicle components that cater to the intricate and varied demands of the transportation industry. Every product created in the VWC factory is the result of careful craftsmanship by highly skilled technicians.

The artisanship that goes into each window, door, and locker is matched only by the rigorous quality checks that it must pass before reaching the customer.

A commitment to upholding the highest standards has not only propelled VWC to the forefront of the industry but also nurtured a loyal customer base that trusts the brand for all their vehicle accessory needs.

The VWC Edge: Standard and Bespoke Solutions

At the crux of VWC’s robust product line is the understanding that while standard solutions can satisfy many needs, the true mark of service excellence lies in personalisation. This guiding principle has led VWC to specialise in producing tailor-made windows, doors, and lockers that precisely fit each customer’s unique specifications.

From just an initial sketch or description, VWC’s design team brings ideas to life, offering detailed drawings that help customers envisage the final product. The power of customisation is further extended with an in-house powder coating facility, enabling a vibrant selection of RAL colours to suit every style and application.

Advanced Manufacturing Meets Diverse Needs

VWC’s manufacturing strength is bolstered by an array of specialised machinery capable of bending, cutting, and fabricating materials to the most exacting standards. This technological capacity allows them to address the needs of a variety of clients —from horseboxes to emergency service vehicles, demonstrating the versatility and breadth of VWC’s production capabilities.

Whether you require windows for welfare units or bespoke doors for a fleet of trucks, VWC stands ready to deliver products that blend seamlessly with their intended application, built with resilience and style that last.

Service That Goes Beyond Products

At VWC, the relationship with clients extends beyond mere transactions. The company prides itself on providing a holistic service that includes fast lead times and competitive pricing. The dedication to superlative service and customer rapport is evident at every stage, ensuring that every interaction with VWC is as seamless and satisfying as the products they offer.

In a world where every detail matters and customisation is king, Vehicle Window Centre in Sherburn in Elmet represents a beacon of quality, innovation, and trust. For vehicle owners across the UK and Europe, VWC is not just a supplier but a partner in their journeys—a company that has not just witnessed history but continues to shape it with every piece it meticulously creates.

Whether you are in the early stages of ideation or need an experienced team to bring your vehicle accessory designs to reality, VWC is your ideal choice. Contact us today to experience a legacy of bespoke craftsmanship tailored to perfection.

You can call us on 01977 604977 or drop us an email to If you are local you are always welcome to come along and take a look at our impressive showroom based at our facility in Sherburn-in-Elmet near Leeds.