100 Series

A strong, light and secure aluminium door, suitable for applications where people are carried such as ambulances, prison vans, command units, bus and coaches or additional security needs.

All doors are supplied as a complete unit, hinged up with hardware fitted and ready to install.

Key features

  • Strong and lightweight welded frame
  • All hardware has two stage locking and is suitable for carrying people
  • Secure hidden locking mechanism
  • Slam close
  • Can integrate with vehicle and central locking
  • Key/RFID/Key pad release
  • Integrated marker and foot light
  • Manual override emergency release
  • Gas strut compatible
  • Double seal
  • Clear unobstructed threshold
  • Windows can be fitted
  • Double and single door options
  • Accessible servicing

You can view one of our 100 series doors in our showroom at our manufacturing facility, we will be happy to demonstrate the products and discuss the options available. Contact us to arrange.